Day 2 and 3

At the end of day 2 we weighed all pups, knowing if there was a drop it is perfectly normal. So I was not surprised to see the first born pups had lost, this included the 2 little ones and the later ones had gained. Inca seemed a little less worried but I was obviously still totally on alert.

Proud Mummy

Day 3, Inca so much better, far more relaxed. Still not your full on mother but doing all she needed to, sleeping, rushing back to the box and counting them, or so it seems. At the end of the day we weighed them. Now I really panic, the littlest one has not put on any weight and she lost yesterday!!!!! When I put her in the box she curls in a way that I know is not good….. panic panic panic and what do I do?????. I have not got her this far to lose her. All my experience is now rushing through my head what to do.

I know trying to hand rear is so hard and I have never done it so its not something I feel confident doing right. So then we have the do I-don’t I argument with myself. In the end I decide to give her a dose of glucose and to do 2 hour feeds on Inca and see how that goes.

Karla took the first half of the night shift from 9pm-1am and I then took over at 1am. This morning she has gained 11g. So although the emergency is over I am still very concerned and will be keeping up the 2 hourly feeds for a while yet.

Why do I put myself through this I hear you ask?

I just love the breed, I love bringing such amazing dogs into the world and hearing the joy they bring to people. I can’t bare the thought of there being no true collies left in the UK. A part of me feels that I am helping to preserve our precious breed. So yes I will put myself through this again and again.


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